New Normal

It’s been 3 months since I had the stroke. Though there is no permanent damage, there are still things that changed. My stamina is not what it used to be and I tire easily. I’m not used to having to go to bad at 8:30 every night, but it’s what my body needs at this time. On Friday’s and Saturday’s I typically stay up pretty late and just enjoy the quiet of the night and get things done that I have put off throughout the week. But last weekend I tried to do my usual and it caused me to have a Migraine for must of the week. This weekend I have listened to my body and I went to bed early both nights. I haven’t pushed myself too much during the day either.

I’ve begun to set up a new routine for myself. It would be nice to do a little sewing each evening and at some point I may work my way up to that, but for now when I get home from work I get my things ready for the next day. I then shower and get dressed for bed. It’s been a while since I’ve done any reading, so I think what I will do in the evenings is implement some reading time before I go to sleep. I’ve designated Saturday’s for hair when needed, errands, fun outings, or sewing and Sunday is for Worship and then quiet time on the computer working on my blog or YouTube channel.

I haven’t walked in about 2 1/2 months I suppose and I really need to get back to it. I have gained 10 or more pounds and it’s not helping me in any way. I get short of breath and I am not at all happy with the weight and how it makes me feel. But I would really like to start back to walking at least 30 min. each evening after I have dinner. I am hoping that will also help with my sleeping at night.

Even with all the changes and the new normal, I am so very grateful to just be alive. Life has become so much more precious to me as are the people I love. I don’t tend to take things so seriously anymore and what used to be important or what I thought was important, I deal with on the level of priority. It’s been great to slow down and just breathe a bit and take life in fully on a daily basis.

Take the time to “smell the roses” and enjoy the simple things in life. I delight in the laughter of my grandson and watching him learn new things and saying new words. Life is too short to let it pass you by. Live!!!

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