Living On His Promises

The Bible contains a multitude of promises for His children. And as His children, we get to claim those promises. They come with conditions, but they are ours to claim.

But what about the promises He speaks to your heart individually? I found myself in this very predicament this week. I know God specifically spoke a promise to me regarding my marriage. The only condition….trust and be still and see that salvation of the Lord.

I started out strong, but my dilemma entered in when the spirit of control reared its ugly head. For some idea, I got the notion that I knew exactly what was needed to make things come to pass. I struggle with that thing called impatience. I figured I could make the promise come about much more quickly.

And God is such a gentleman, He steps back and let’s you take the reigns until you come to the end of yourself. He waits patiently while you monkey things up.

For me, I came to the point of frustration, depression, sadness, unrest, and despair. I finally threw up my hands and said I quit Lord, have Your way. It was at that moment that a flood of peace enveloped me. As I listened to a prayer call, titled “Living on His Promises,” I realized that if He made the promise, He has to fulfill it.

The promises He gave me pertaining to my marriage are still mine to claim, I just need to trust God to do the work that needs to be done in my heart and the heart of my husband before the promise is fulfilled. He doesn’t require me to do the work, just to be obedient. I can actively help by seeking Him and growing in my walk with Jesus, becoming the woman of God He created me to be.

I don’t profess it to be easy, but it is worth it. So I’ll grow in my faith, while letting God be God and do what He does best and in His perfect timing the promise will come to pass. It may take time, it make be suddenly. Either way, His timing is not my timing, nor His ways/thoughts like mine.

If God has given you a promise, sit back and relax. He’s got it under control. After all, He’s the artist painting the portrait. He knows what the masterpiece will look like when it’s all complete.

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