I Went Shopping & New Eating Plan

Last weekend I did what I absolutely hate doing. I went shopping. It wasn’t planned at all. I was actually taking my daughter to do some shopping for herself and things were going just as planned, but I then realized she’d be in the store a bit longer than I anticipated. I didn’t want to keep sitting in the car with it running and wasting gas. So I went in with the idea of just walking around to stay out of the heat. I got a few things because I liked the scriptures quoted. As I was heading out I realized, I really don’t have very many clothes.

After I brought our things back from Texas, I went through my clothes and there were so many clothes I could no longer fit. They were either too big and there were a few that were too small. I donated them all. And what was left were lots of outfits for winter, but very few (5 total) for spring, summer, and fall. I have tons of skirts with no tops to go with them and it’s probably time I let them go, but I keep thinking I will get around to making tops to go with them eventually.

So I purchased outfits for fall and a few basic necessities for winter. I will more than likely do a bit more shopping in the fall to add some new sweaters into my wardrobe for winter. As I was shopping it dawned on me that I was once again getting XL sizes and I was not pleased. I have put on about 10-15 extra pounds and thus I needed bigger clothes, but I made sure they were clothes that I can alter as I lose weight. But this made me begin to rethink what I’m eating.

It’s been ingrained in me since childhood to have a good hearty breakfast, lunch and well, dinner as well. Your heaviest meal is at dinner time. But as I am now in my late 40’s this just doesn’t feel right to me anymore. So I began to rethink all that I was taught. Steel Cut oats for breakfast or a hearty smoothie. Lunch will now be my “heaviest” meal of the day. I’ll do some batch cooking and freeze the meals in containers I can just grab from the freezer and take with me each day to work. Dinner, well I’m going back to what I was doing before and was helpful…a large salad. I’ll give this a shot for about 30 days and see what comes of it. Prayerfully the weight will begin to shed and I can start walking and/or exercising again to get myself back on the right track. Whatever it takes to get my weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol in check.

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