God Sized Hole

In society we seek and search for things that will complete us and bring us satisfaction. We look high and low in the latest gadgets, movies, music, clothes, cars, houses, food, and other people. While these things bring us temporary happiness, they don’t bring the lasting joy we are truly seeking.

Our lives have an intentional God sized hole that ONLY God can fill. So what we try to fill this hole with can only be found in God.

I pray that you will seek Him with all your heart. When you truly seek Him, He will be found.
Jeremiah 29:13

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An East Coast transplant, born in Germany and a visitor of many states (I was an army brat...). My greatest passion is all things pertaining to Jesus Christ, My secondary loves are my adult children and my grandson. My passions are the things God has gifted me with to show His creativity through my hands and life; all things sewing, quilting, gardening, and traveling. Join me for the journey as I share God through my daily life and walk...

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