Discovering My Style…

Discovering My Style

When I was young, my mother, like many mothers, chose my attire for me daily. My only requirement was to put on what she selected. She bought the clothes she felt would look good on me and so forth.

As a teen, I hated shopping because she would always harp on how hard it was to shop for me. My feet were a size 12 and my arms were extra long, as were my legs. No one really looked like me and thus buying clothes and shoes for me could be very difficult. So I loathed shopping at all. Everything was more expensive for me because of my awkward sizes and the majority of everything had to be ordered via catalogs because they didn’t carry items for me in the stores.
Fast forward to a young adult and things didn’t change much at all. There were a few things in stores, but they all made me look frumpy and old. I could not find cute women tennis shoes in my size, I had to wear boys shoes. Like tall people had no class or style. So I totally withdrew from “dressing”, unless it was sweats, t-shirts/jeans, with men sneakers, and dresses for church.

At some point things began to shift, but by that time, I had absolutely no sense in style or what I really liked.

Then there was a season that God called me to skirts and dresses only and that made things really easy sort of. I just wore skirts and dresses, but many times there was still no class in what I wore, no style to say that’s “me”.

Now here I am 46 years old and I STILL hate shopping with a passion unless it’s for books or fabric and yes even groceries. I am hoping to embark on garment sewing in the coming months, but I don’t want to sew things just for the sake of sewing. I want to sew items that will be my predominate wardrobe. My problem…..I still don’t know what my style is. I know what colors I like and which ones look good on me, but my preferred style still eludes me. It actually makes me nervous to think about to be honest.

I still prefer to wear predominately dresses or skirts, I absolutely love the way they feel on my body and how feminine I feel when wear them. So I know my wardrobe will be majority skirts, tops, and dresses. I still love the comfortable aspect of t-shirts and jeans at times. And I enjoy an occasional nice pair of pants.

Is that all there is to determining your style?

I think not and I am at a loss as to how to go about finding me in this world of clothing.
I’m 46 and I’m a bit tired of being mistaken for someone’s grandmother….although I am NOW Boo Bears grandmother. LOL

I still feel young, yet I know I do’t want to wear the “hip” (is that even still a word used today, clothing the 20 somethings are wearing. I don’t want to be frumpy. I want to be classy like my momma was. I don’t wear make up and to be honest I don’t really want to. But I would like to dress nice on a daily basis and wear nice accessories with the occasional grunge look on the weekends.

Sigh….I think I need my sisters help. Missssssssssss where are you? Help your sister out!

If you all have any ideas of where to begin to discover my style, please do share in the comment section.

I’ll see you all sooner rather than later.

God Bless!!

New YouTube Channel, Blog and…March 2018 Sew Sampler Unboxing

We are now into the full swing of Spring 2018. It’s hard to believe that we are already 3 months, almost 4 months into 2018. The first quarter of the year is almost over.
Time slow down…..

With that being said, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my YouTube channel and my Blog. What is it that I want from it exactly? And what am I willing to do to get what it is that I want? That got me to thinking back to around 2006-2007 when God gave me a name for blogging and for my YouTube channel. Stitches ~N~ Hems. I loved it and really liked the sound of it. I used it for 10 years. Then something happened in early 2017. I got the grand idea that I needed to change the name because it was not a business savvy name. (BIG Mistake) He also gave me a name for my ministry/business…yea, I dropped that name as well thinking it was not savvy either and that I needed to pull everything under one name and theme. However, over the last couple of weeks or few days, I have been rethinking that.

When God gives you a thing, it’s already good and there is no need to alter it in any way. This brings us to March 2018, going back to my beginnings!

Yes, I’m reclaiming my blog/YouTube channel name and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

Now nothing changes, except the name. I’ll be blogging, vlogging, and posting videos about everything pertaining to me, my faith, sewing, quilting, vegan lifestyle, gardening, etc.
Once I came to the conclusion that I was changing the name of everything, I had to set some things in motion. For whatever reason YouTube would not allow me to change the name of my channel so I had to start another one from scratch. This really saddened me because my subscribers were so close to the 100 subscriber mark! That’s a big deal and I was all hyped that I’d be doing a give-a-way soon after reaching 100 subscribers. I was only 2 subscribers away!!!! YES, ONLY 2! But I was not deterred, only saddened, and I forged ahead. I posted my first video on the new channel on Thursday, March 22nd; the unboxing of my March 2018 Sew Sampler Box and explaining why I started the new channel. I’m happy to say that as of today I have 6 subscribers. I haven’t yet looked to see if they are from the former channel or new all together, either way, I am super stoked.

I can’t wait to get back to Virginia and get back to my sewing machines so I can’t start sewing again and begin to post more about sewing and quilting. I hope to have some videos on gardening as I help my dear sister in Christ start her backyard garden. I look forward to posting, vlogging, and blogging and hope you will join in for the journey.

I’ll see you sooner rather than later!

God Bless