I Went Shopping & New Eating Plan

Last weekend I did what I absolutely hate doing. I went shopping. It wasn’t planned at all. I was actually taking my daughter to do some shopping for herself and things were going just as planned, but I then realized she’d be in the store a bit longer than I anticipated. I didn’t want toRead moreRead more

New Normal

It’s been 3 months since I had the stroke. Though there is no permanent damage, there are still things that changed. My stamina is not what it used to be and I tire easily. I’m not used to having to go to bad at 8:30 every night, but it’s what my body needs at thisRead moreRead more

Hopes & Dreams

Since the stroke I have been a bit afraid to hope and dream about anything regarding my future. But the reality is that God doesn’t say that we cannot dream or hope. We are to live each day as though it is our last, but we can also write our vision and make it plainRead moreRead more

God,‚Äč I Thank You!

LORD, I THANK YOU!! August 7th I turned 48 years old and it is because of You oh Lord that I am even alive to have seen this birthday and I pray for many more. I am so grateful because 3 months ago I was questioning if I would even live. 3 months ago IRead moreRead more

Living Each Day…

The past week has been filled with joy, adventures, and gratitude. On Friday, Joseph came in to town and we celebrated his 50th birthday early because he would be back in Texas. The kids wanted to do something nice for him and celebrate him. My daughter decorated and purchased a cake, we sang happy birthdayRead moreRead more

He Already Knows What I Need

Matthew 6:8 says God already knows what I need. My life truly is not my own. My plans, my dreams, my hopes, my desires, He knows them all and up until now, I have simply lived selfishly for myself. I pray now that He will take those plans, hopes, dreams, and desires and use themRead moreRead more

Stroke Confirmed…

On Thursday, May 9th, the CT Scan showed all clear. On Friday, May 10th, the MRI showed TIA also referred to as a mini-stroke. The ultrasound on my legs showed no blood clots and the ultrasound on the front of my heart showed a PFO (a small hole). Instead of leaving Friday, I would beRead moreRead more

I Would Have Never Imagined…

The day…Thursday, May 9, 2019. I awoke at 5:30 am and lay in bed, grateful for another day. I smiled, looked at the ceiling and reminded God that I had no idea what I would wear that day, but I knew He would guide me. I got out of bed and began to prepare forRead moreRead more

I Asked for One Apple, He Gave Us A Bag

Being back in VA has been the answer to many, many prayers. But the move and transition caused a strain on finances as we all started new jobs and awaited first paychecks. So needless to say money has been tight and you need money to buy food. So we have all had to eat foodsRead moreRead more

Reflections, Changes, Passions

The past few days I have watched my Pastor and his family gracefully walk through the loss of a loved one.I have peered through the windows as many others have and what I have taken away from all of them and the loved one they lost is to live my life with greatness for theRead moreRead more